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Changes announced for 2017 NSS

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Changes announced for 2017 NSS

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Changes announced for 2017 NSS

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Changes announced for 2017 National Student Survey

The 2017 National student survey will have more focus on student engagement and the student voice. 

Since its introduction in 2005, the National Student Survey (NSS) has been measuring which UK universities are keeping their students the most satisfied.

The 2017 survey has now been launched and for the first time since 2005 there are substantial changes. These include new sections on the learning community, learning opportunities and student 

voice. There is also a set of nine new questions on student engagement. IPSOS MORI, which runs the NSS for the funding bodies, will also modernise the look and feel of the survey based on new evidence from user testing.

The 2016 survey, published in August, featured four Scottish universities in the top 40. St Andrews was joint 4th and Dundee joint 11th with Glasgow and Heriot Watt sharing 35th place with an overall student satisfaction score of 89%.